Lightning Paint Stripper

Lightning Paint Stripper

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Lightning Paint Stripper quickly penetrates paint, lifting it from the substrate and softening it for easy removal with a scraper or steel wool. 

Easy clean up with water or meths 

available in 500ml, 1L, 4L, and 20L


* Theoretical coverage 5m2/L depending on thickness of paint

* Gel formulation ideal for vertical surfaces

* Removes multiple layers in a single application

* Removes Paint from most surfaces including wood, concrete & metal 


Click here to see a video of Lightning Paint Stripper in action

Apply a thick coat using a brush. Allow paint to soften & blister (depending on age of paint, quantity and coats required) 

Use a paint scraper or steel wool to remove paint before paint hardens. If paint remains after scraping apply a second coat and repeat the process. 

Clean Up: 
wash surface with water or Meths (depending on surface) until clean and allow surface to completely dry before recoating.