• Brick Red

    Brick Red is a traditional red, slightly lighter than Pioneer Red.

  • Bone White

  • Charcoal

    This is a dark grey with a slight undertone of blue. Nowhere near as blue as New Denim Blue, very similar to Grey Friars.

  • Desert Sand

    With a natural warmth, this colour can serve as a backdrop to splashes of colour of all persuasions. Any hue found in a coffee cup, or hot chocolate mug will also blend with Desert Sand. It works well as a conduit between dark and light colours, making it perfect for everything from roofs to cladding and joinery.

  • Ebony Grey/Black

    This is black.

  • Grey Friars

    Grey Friars is a dark grey. Lighter would be medium grey, followed by Sandstone Grey, than Gull Grey.

  • Gull Grey

    Gull Grey is the lightest of the greys, the next dark is Sandstone Grey.

  • Iron Sand

    A dark grey that has a brown undertone.

  • Karaka

    Karaka is a deep, rainforest green.

  • Lignite

    Lignite is a chocolatey brown, looks almost like a slab of dairy milk.

  • Mission Brown

    A rich brown designed to match the 70's joinery.

  • Mist Green

    Mist Green is a soft and slightly muted version of the natural greens found in the New Zealand landscapes. 

  • New Denim Blue

    New Denim Blue is a grey but with a definite blue look. 

  • Permanent Green

    Permanent Green is fresh bright dark green.

  • Pioneer Red

    Pioneer Red is a classic kiwi red.

  • Sandstone Grey

    Sandstone Grey is light grey. Very popular for garage floors.

  • Scoria

    Scoria is a rich red-brown. 

  • Titania

    Titania is a warm pale colour.

  • Terracotta

    Terracotta is just like you would imagine a terracotta pot is.

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