Aotea Roof Paint - Semi Gloss

Aotea Roof Paint - Semi Gloss

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Aotea Roof Finish Coat is designed to restore, protect and decorate roofing of all types.

Aotea Roof Finish Coat is ideal for concrete and masonry tile roofing, galvanised and other metal sheet roofing and is safe for drinking water collection.

Aotea Roof Finish Coat is part of our Value range offering a quality product at a fair price.



Approx. 10-12 sqm/L on flat surface

Approx. 5-6 sqm/L on corrugated profile



Ideal for brush, roller and/or spray application


Available in:

Colours: Complete roof colour range

Sheen Level: Semi Gloss

Size: 20 and 10L